Health Check & Troubleshooting WordPress

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Spending quite some time trying to figure out what wrong with a website is a tedious activity. By using Health Check & Troubleshooting WordPress plugin the time and effort for this particular task will be reduced by a lot. Many things can go wrong when keeping a website up and running. Most common suspects are usually mysql , php or the web server software. As far WordPress is concerned add to that list the plugins and the picture is starting to reveal itself. This plugin usually checks the most common things that can cause a website to malfunction and its troubleshooting functionality lets you disable all the plugins to at least experience a pristine wordpress session and see if that helps. This is a good starting point for debugging the issue.

Having a site health check and troubleshooting plugin is one more way of keeping a service up and running for as long as possible. A must have plugin every wordpress owner should consider at some point. Running WordPress installation in Linux environment supposes stability and it would really be a pity if some tiny little buggers get in the way. This specific plugin gets rid of those and leaves the site owners with much more time to dedicate to developing actual content. Every time I run a new wordpress installation health check and troubleshooting is one of the first five plugins that gets installed. I prefer a smoothly working website rather than wasting time of identifying tiny little things easily avoidable with the help of a plugin.

Health Check & Troubleshooting WordPress
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