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Archlinux with its package manager pacman, rolling release style of updates has built quite a name over the time. I’ve installed it to pcs and raspberry pis. The actual installation procedure is quite educating to say at least. Linux ecosystem has definitely found a nice ally in the face of the archlinux community. Last but not least – their wiki has saved more than a million lives (figuratively speaking).

Archlinux is guarateed to have a dedicated post in our blog.

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Ubuntu  – my first installation of Ubuntu was in June 2006. At that time scepticism about desktop environment for a linux system was still quite real (maybe for a reason). Even back then in 2006, having no previous linux experience I managed to use Ubuntu almost smoothly. Over the time things in linux world changed, evolved in the very right direction – don’t mess the server functionality but improve desktop. In 2006 Gnome was the desktop, various Ubuntu flavors were not that many. Today I’ve settled with lxqt desktop – it’s not better not worse that the other desktop environments but I support progress. In my point of view lxqt upgraded lxde and prepared it for the future.

Some day I’ll try to say more in the blog.

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This greeny little monster. At first I was sceptical about its usability and meaningful functionality (before even trying it). Once I had it installed I couldn’t believe that linux server configuration tasks and functions could be managed even easier than in debian/ubuntu world. OpenSUSE linux installer seems the easiest I’ve used (no pun against *BSD intended).

What makes openSUSE stand out in my point of view are these things:

-YAST2 – do try it before judging.

-OBS – the infamous opensuse build service

-Seamless integration of several desktops in 1 installation media.

Our blog will be glad to go into this soon.

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