About Me

Ivan Angelov, digtvbg owner, creator, administrator, content writer.

I am from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Born in 1984. Studied international economics relations at the university. Never felt comfortable with economics but computers and IT turned out to be passion.

Using MS Windows helped me learn some basics. Upgrading to Linux based operating systems a.k.a. distributions actually helped me understand IT. This site is just an attempt to demonstrate what can be done in the spare time just being linux literate without having any relevant skills in html, php, java, css, sql or .net. Pure linux administration skills, wordpress + google usage skills + common sense are the ingredients of digtvg But anyway, a person cannot be defined by one or two things he loves, every person is a universe from the inside.

Apart from computers I’m also casual gamer for an hour or two in the weekends. Titles like Heroes 3, Metro series, Quake series, some old tv console games are common time wasters for my weekend gaming hours.

I’m taking care of a red eared slider turtle. It’s been like for 8 years now. It has its 500l tank, big plexiglass box where it can easily climb to dry out with the help of a warming bulb and another uvb light emitting bulb. I feed it once a week and this appears to be just enough to keep it in good health.

The junior linux admin in the team is my dog Rossa, she’s 4 years old. Saved in the winter when she was about 3 months old. We usually take a walk twice a day in the hood. Meeting various dogs and dog owners is fun most of the times. Here are some pictures of hers.

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