WP Mail SMTP flexible email plugin

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Emails and WordPress made easy

Emails have been around for quite some time. To be more precise, about 48 years аго, about 12 years before the Internet was even invented. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. Trends and technology related to IT evolve by the minute so in this context 50 years sounds like at least ten centuries in normal human history. Many companies were founded and consequently shut down for this 50 years period , many networks emerged and disappeared, many protocols created and many of them became obsolete. But what’s more, emails just survived that long and that is really a thing since the email technology keeps doing great in modern world. When one technology is needed and appreciated by people it doesn’t just go away like that. Emails are used by marketing, official communication, business, enterprise and individuals. Importance of emailing hasn’t decreased over time. On the contrary, email technology hasn’t lost almost none of it’s initial glory. It was improved, modified but never abandoned.

WordPress platform uses email functionality for some of its functions – notifications and others. It has a builtin mail() function which is quite limited in terms of functionality but with WP Mail SMTP by WPForms that is not the case anymore. If you need your gmail account used by the WordPress site you own and customers to receive emails sent by that gmail account then this is easily achieved using this wonderful WordPress smtp plugin. If you happen to have an account with any known or unknown SMTP email service provider and if you need this functionality for your websites – wp mail is the obvious and rational choice. One email plugin for all services – sounds too good to be true but this is a fact. Spam is another aspect related to emails, basically we would call spam any unwanted email that hits our inbox, usually providers impose filters on their services to fight spam. Using wp mail smtp ensures greater email deliverability and technical flexibility for your website in an easy to package with a simple configuration page.

WP Mail SMTP flexible email plugin
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