Slimstat Analytics – local alternative

SlimStat - when you appreciate local unbiased results

Every webmaster know how important traffic for his website is. Analyzing this traffic is what makes it clear to site owners how their site is accepted by the general public. Google offers such functionality called google analytics which uses a code on the webpage and records data remotely. That’s fine in most of the cases but sometimes there are projects that although being online are trying to rely on as few external services as possible. Slimstat Analytics is a simple yet informative plugin. It runs locally on the wordpress website and doesn’t require user registration with external services. When we need a simple website statistics slimstat is a very nice alternative to more corporate oriented solutions.

Digital marketing and SEO rely on analytics a lot. Analyzing visitors origin and behavior on the website is crucial for proper marketing or content organization at least. With slimstat we can see the type and origin of our visitors, what pages they visited and what actions they took. This wordpress plugin interface is really easy to comprehend and statistical data it provides is easily manageable by the average person.

Staying up to date with traffic analytics data will help the webmasters make their sites more appealing to potential customers or users.

Slimstat Analytics – local alternative
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