Hummingbird WordPress Cache for Speed

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Hummingbird - the boost your website might just need

A slow website is never a good sign. When we setup a wordpress based website we have to add some nice looking themes, various plugins – seo, backup, security, social media, some cool icon packs, some graphs and charts and whatever the particular precious project might need we usually end up with good website. All the functionality and appearance cost server and networking resources and this often causes websites to load slowly. This in turn frustrates a certain amount of visitors and the negative impact is easy to observe. To improve this situation there are WordPress plugins aiming at increasing the performance of the website.

One such plugin is called w3 total cache. I used it for 2 weeks straight. Since it’s the most popular plugin I was expecting more. Well fame does not meet my expectations. Having a choice is a nice thing in real world so I opted for Hummingbird to speed up my humble WordPress based website. Provided my site runs on a Raspberry pi 3  I’m quite concerned how quickly it loads since the server is a low powered sbc (single board computer). Hummingbird was the much needed speedup for my wp installation. It provides caching, compression settings, assets optimization (which can and will break things if used carelessly), cloudflare integration, paid features like super compression of dedicated cdn service. These simple things if used correctly can speed up any website to a great extent.

Hummingbird WordPress Cache for Speed
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