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A feature rich and yet flexible WP page builder and editor - Elementor

Having a wordpress website up and running is one thing, making it look nice is a totally different story.

There are many sites online that just don’t look quite right. To be honest, I’m very bad at design too. Having a nice WordPress editor and builder tool like Elementor can save many eyes and… minds. Heck, this website was improved by Еlementor page builder and the results are much better than without it.

It’s an easy to use page editor, new users like me won’t have any difficulties doing basic things like texts, heading, widgets and basic styling.

Elementor is one of the things a modern wordpress website should be using.

What I like about Elementor is the flexibility when configuring font styles and most importantly their size, that’s vital especially for responsive design. Its elements are html5 compliant which is also another plus as far as standards are concerned. Let’s add that a ton of widgets placed in a drag and drop manner wherever needed plus nice looking results which at the end are light on resources and pages built using elementor load quickly.

Should you need a nice and easy to use visual editor for your website give Elementor a try.

Elementor WordPress Editor
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