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Mobile menu - greater mobile users engagement

In the past let’s say 7 or so years mobile devices have been building steadily their way into our everyday online activities. Any webmaster with a website totally unaware of mobile devices usability and specs can be considered lacking any tiny bit of good taste. Underestimating webpages usability on mobile devices is a huge minus and drawback for the website owner. Imagine visiting a website and having to pinch in several times to zoom the text just to read it. Such sites should offer a free magnifying glass to any of their mobile visitors. Jokes on them but what the adequate webmaster can actually do about that will be things like – using the so called “responsive design” technique. Invest a bit of time and effort to test the website using several mobile devices before presenting the end product to the general audience.

There are numerous functioning examples of websites totally lacking any mobile device support, usability or mere awareness of them. Instead of pointing fingers (or using magnifying glasses) we can select a nice looking theme for our beloved WordPress based website. Triple check the theme has a mobile version and try to improve what we see fit. The theme I use has a mobile menu and to be honest I didn’t like it much so I installed a wordpress plugin not surprisingly called Mobile Menu which does its job according to my humble preferences. It offers quite a few options to configure. What I like the most is this nice, always visible while scrolling the page header for quick access to the mobile menu functionality. I would definitely call it a recommended plugin or at least a must try one before shifting away.

Mobile Menu for WordPress
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