Easy Updates Manager time to update


Updating wordpress, plugins etc. to keep the well running website in top form is a challenging for most of the casual bloggers. Server admins running dedicated machines with shared hosting and thousands of wordpress installations also don’t see the point of manual elements updates.

Easy Updates Manager  fills the gap of that so much needed automatic updates functionality.

Installing this on a wordpress site running on linux debian is really straight forward. Dashboard – plugins – add new and that’s all.

Configuring easy updates manager is like the title says – easy. Click the options you see fit and you’re good to go. These options are things like: Enable all wordpress updates, automatic updates, core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, translation updates, notifications about actions taken. There are premium extra functionality which as of this writing I don’t need e.g. logging, auto backups before updates.

I simply choose auto update everything, disable as many logging and notifications functions as possible and I’m happy since things are kept simple.

One last thing: remember that running older versions of software slowly opens the door for exploits since more and more of these become available to the mass public. Update and update – that’s what I can advise.

Easy Updates Manager time to update
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