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ThemeGrill demo importer - time and life saver

After putting more technical and backend details aside theming a website appears to be one of most important things that can help better audience acceptance, engagement and ultimately much lower bounce rates. Having a wordpress website running on low end hardware often requires using lightweight themes. ThemeGrill got my attention with the free themes they offer and that’s how ended up using one of their themes. I’m really not into theming and design at all so I chose Zakra theme installed it and so far I’m happy with what I got. But there is one thing – installing a theme is easy but configuring it in a way you want your site to look like is kind of a time consuming process which often requires more than the basic level of web design skills.

Design is where me and most of the real tech aware guys are not good at. So I explored my options and luckily there was a nice and easy to deploy solution to my problem – ThemeGrill demo importer this little buddy can save literally hours of tedious work on proper theme and website configuration. After I installed it on my wordpress website I was presented with more than a dozen data import templates (21) to fill my website with. This way one can select between many (21 as of now) predefined demo versions of complete websites. Changing pictures and sample texts and touching the menus a tiny bit is all we have to do to see our wordpress site the way we need it. Such solutions work most of the time, their aim is not to satisfy the taste and needs of every site owner of the planet but to save the majority of average users time and effort – that’s their strength.

ThemeGrill Demo Importer WordPress Plugin
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