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Social feed - would be a great loss if missing on page

Social media are increasing their online importance every day. Having a social media account and a dedicated page is a no brainer for improving online presence. Adding a social feed to a wordpress webpage might seem too much but is worth it for sure. Facebook Feed by 10Web  is one elegant way to display a facebook page feed on any wordpress website. This plugin offers a way to integrate some custom facebook content in a feed format to a wordpress webpage.  Be it timeline or some nice good looking photos from the page feed 10web facebook feed plugin will get the job done quite nicely. It also provides a nice facebook widget for even better and tighter audience engagement.

Having a facebook page is always a plus no matter if it’s a business oriented one or hobby or any other interesting thing. Displaying its feed on your wordpress website shows that you are aware of social media importance. Facebook as a social media giant is most likely a media of choice for many website visitors. For them seeing a familiar brand on a website is more of a positive sign.

You can just configure 10Web Social Feed for Facebook wordpress plugin, filter the right content you’d like to see displayed on the website and let it do its magic.

Social Feed Facebook 10web
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