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chia pool farming

It’s 6th of July 2021, chia pool farming is a fact.

The whole process seems a bit messy to me but it’s manageable nonetheless.

Straight to the point – what do we need to start pooling in Linux:

– chia wallet , I prefer git version

git clone

The “main” branch is good enough.

Here is the github URL for a reference CHIA-WALLET-POOLS-RELEASE-BRANCH

– chmod +x ; ./ … ; sync blockchain ; source to chia venv , chia wallet show , chia keys show etc.

source /home/ivan/Downloads/chia-blockchain/activate

as of 8 July: chia version is 1.2.1.dev1

– get 100 chia mojo from faucet CHIA-100-MOJO-FAUCET this is needed to pay 1 mojo pool fee on entering pool.

– choose a pool – I chose SPACE-POOL since it’s well maintained, secure , excellent community support and works with “pools-release” branch of chia 🙂

– chia plotnft create -u -s pool

– chia plotnft show

– get a plotter like madmax

git clone -b pool-puzzles madmax merged branch “pool-puzzles” into main so no need to checkout a specific branch.

– build madmax as usual with ./ , its binary will be in “build” subfolder and the filename is chia_plot

– sample command to generate a portable plot compatible with pools would be:

/chia_plot -n -1 -r 4 -t /tempdir/of/choice/ -d /destdir/of/choice/ -c abcdefgh… -f abcdefgh…

-c expects a contract key which you’ve already memorized by heart from this command chia plotnft show 🙂

-f expects a farmer key which you also know very well from the output of this command: chia keys show 🙂

do not use poolkey with madmax – it will create non portable solo plots in the older format/standard 🙂

setup tempdir and destdir for plotting , configure chia (~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yml) to use destdir(s) for farming the portable plots and restart chia with: chia start farmer -r

Manual plotting is a method which is somehow tedious, boring, prone to errors, not foolproof, expecting some knowledge of scripting etc. – doable but not very good.

Plot managers are here to help – plotman and plotng are bright examples of such kind of software.

I do not use plotman but its git can be found here PLOTMAN

What I rely on is plotng –

I build plotng using golang. It comes in two binary files plotng-server and plotng-client. We need a config.json file filled properly for our use case.

First we fire up plotng-server with:

plotng-server -config /path/to/config.json (in screen , tmux , put in background with nohup – you get the idea) and then we check what happens on this plotng-server with:

plotng-client -host localhost,ip1,ip2,ip3 etc. or just plotng-client with no args which will probe localhost by default.

Happy chia coin pool farming

Chia Coin Pool Farming Pooling
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