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Ping new content at public services

WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS). Among other things it’s also a very popular blogging platform. Setting a blog website with WordPress is considered a relatively easy common task. Unfortunately, while we publish posts we tend to edit them , revise them, safe them or start over. No matter what action is take by the post creator against his post WordPress software “pings” the predefined list of services notifying them on the content updates. This seems reasonable but when we edit a blog post quite a few times then we actually risk sending too many pings to external content tracking services which in term might decide to flag our website as a ping spammer. When a website is being marked as any kind of spam online this is consider a very unfortunate and bad sign. This is why proper actions and measures should be taken before getting into some weird situations.

WordPress Ping Optimizer  is a simple WordPress plugin which lets you configure how often you would like to ping external services on post updates. Namely this simplicity is what makes this plugin so excellent. It is configured by adding urls of external services to ping, ticking enable pinging and ticking ping limits and the desired period of time. With all that settings saved and applied anyone can rest assured their site won’t be pinging way too many times the popular public services and risks of being flagged as ping spammer just go drop down to zero. After this plugin is installed to any wordpress website then the authors can revise their posts as much as they wish without worrying of excessive pings or other undesired effects. This plugin definitely works and should be one of the recommended ones for any wordpress blog.

WordPress Ping Optimizer Plugin
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