Cloudflare free wordpress service

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Free CloudFlare optimization for our WordPress site

Goal: Integrate Cloudflare services into a WordPress website


  1. WordPress website
  2. Basic knowledge how to add/remove/configure wp plugins
  3. Cloudflare (free) account.

Initial setup:

Install these  plugins:

wp total cache:

clouldflare official wp plugin:


Follow the cloudflare domain dns servers setup tutorial for starters.

Authorize clouldflare plugin with your cloudflare account – email + global API.

Configure all the caching, minifying and other options you see fit for your particular website purposes.

Give this cloudflare plugin a rest and head to the wp total cache plugin.

Do not touch its “cdn” section which might seem tempting at first but rather open the “extensions” part of the plugin.
Activate “Cloudflare” , configure it, save&enjoy life.

Cloudflare free wordpress service
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