Linux gaming lutris with wine

Lutris – playing games on linux nicely Linux ecosystem has always been known as a very robust solution for server oriented tasks. Since 2005 its desktop capabilities have been constantly improving. To some people linux as a desktop in 2019 still sounds atrocious but also there are many individuals who have the time, the brain […]

Raspberry Pi Firmware Update

Raspberry Pi fw updating Firmware updates are not a mandatory step in system administration. They however might contain improved or fixed broken functionality, even added new functionality or the so beloved security patches etc. In the case of Raspberry Pi the firmware is made of not yet fully upstreamed linux kernel and closed source binary […]

UpdraftPlus – A Good WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus – a very handy and invaluable tool for every WordPress administrator People always tend to underestimate the power of backups. Not until they suffer a massive data loss. Then suddenly become backup evangelists and promoters. So without having to experience any negative scenarios it will never hurt to keep a backup or two of […]

Cloudflare free wordpress service

Free CloudFlare optimization for our WordPress site Goal: Integrate Cloudflare services into a WordPress website Ingredients: WordPress website Basic knowledge how to add/remove/configure wp plugins Cloudflare (free) account. Initial setup: Install these  plugins: wp total cache: clouldflare official wp plugin: Configuration: Follow the cloudflare domain dns servers setup tutorial for starters. Authorize clouldflare […]

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