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Yoast SEO - this can page rank your site higher

Search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO is integral part of the web nowadays. A well played SEO campaign can make a huge difference with regard of website popularity, online visibility or profitability. Making a website stand out from the others is not that easy especially with billions of sites each trying devious way to shine over the competition. SEO is also vital element of digital marketing – making a product, service or brand respected on the Internet will definitely won’t work without good SEO team that will take a good care doing its job. I believe here it is important to mention two specific terms and say a few words about each:  1. on-page seo optimization and 2. off-page seo optimization. On-page seo optimization basically refers to optimizing your website using any means necessary to rank higher in google – unique content that will attract visitor attention and in return will increase the time visitors spend on the website, pictures, videos, modern web development tools (html5, css, good design, ssl etc.), well structured and informative content just to name a few.

What google and other search engines also take into account when ranking a website importance in their search results is the Off-page optimization. This is basically all the links from other sites that point to the sites you would like to see higher ranked. The higher ranked site which contain positive references to the site we would like to optimize the better. For example if you have a car parts website and if you somehow manage to pursue or bribe a let’s say a famous car driver or manufacturer to just say a few good words on their official site for your car parts website adding a link to it that will skyrocket the SEO rank for sure. With all that said, Yoast SEO appears to be one of the best on-site SEO optimizations plugins for the WordPress platform available today. It is loaded with many functions like – new blog post pings, sitemap generator, breadcrumbs, SEO analysis, readability analysis, webmaster tools, social pages linking etc. Also there is premium functionality which is a nice upgrade whenever you decide you want to go for the bigger market and higher profits.

Yoast SEO WP Plugin
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