UpdraftPlus – A Good WordPress Backup Plugin

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UpdraftPlus - a very handy and invaluable tool for every WordPress administrator

People always tend to underestimate the power of backups. Not until they suffer a massive data loss. Then suddenly become backup evangelists and promoters. So without having to experience any negative scenarios it will never hurt to keep a backup or two of your wordpress website just in case. WordPress is well known for having so many plugins readily available and it’s no surprise there’s a plugin that will do backups for us. Without further introduction I present you UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin This plugin will let you have many backup copies of your wordpress installation stored locally or remotely in a cloud storage you have access to. I would recommend the cloud option because if local server gets seriously borked by some experts е.g. the so called white hackers then the cloud might be able to keep your backups safe for a bit longer so that you to copy them safely. To say it clearly – backups are not mandatory but they are important, depending on how much one values his information though.

Backups are basically copies of information stored somewhere and used when original information is destroyed or manipulated in some unacceptable manner. This way backups appear to be a very nice safety precaution with regard of data integrity. When you hear someone says he does not need backups then you’ll know you don’t want him as a system administrator anywhere near you. When bad things happen to the wordpress website you own and it’s somehow hacked or fully or partially deleted by accident then having a (recent/fresh) backup is a very huge relief to that problem. UpdraftPlus can store the WordPress backup files locally on the server or it can upload them to let’s say Google Drive for example, this whole thing can be set up once, just don’t forget to setup scheduling of the backups once per day or even less and you are good to go – set it and forget it rule kicks in. Having backups less than a day old is considered a good general approach for keeping data safe, this depends on the individual requirements needless to say. Backups are in no way an excuse for not securing or too poorly securing a WordPress website since the WordPress CMS platform is a favorite playground of some other experts in the field e.g. the so called wannabe hackers.

UpdraftPlus – A Good WordPress Backup Plugin
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